Whereas the strategy of adorning your non-public house is thrilling, it moreover comes with its honest proportion of challenges. Your […]

Calling all small space dwellers! Big city apartments, bedroom vintage home layouts, living room, and modern space downsizing all call for design that expands the possibilities of small.

If you subscribe to the notion that there’s no such thing as too many Christmas tree ornaments, then you’re probably always on the lookout for something new to add to your already extensive collection. But rather than buying something new this year, why not try to making some DIY ornaments yourself?

The fireplace mantel has long been a traditional focal point for both seasonal and holiday decorating. Guests always seem to gravitate around the fireplace to settle in with a nice cup of coffee or hot apple cider and enjoy the warmth of the crackling fire. If your fireplace mantel is plain during the holiday season, you are wasting the opportunity to really charm your guests during their stay.